Made 4 Media Group internet technology consultants

Company Profile

Made4Media Group – Web Design, Web Development, Mobile Programming, IT Specialists.

  • Our personnel consist of graphic designers, web site designers, database developers, search engine optimisation experts, mobile programmers and sales and marketing consultants.

    We are also highly experienced in the provision of shared hosting services and dedicated hosting services including email systems with anti-virus and anti-spam protection.


The websites we produce have inbuilt content management systems. Site administrators can take control and implement changes to their websites without incurring extra charges.

The Made4Media Group have developed websites, database applications and Ecommerce systems in a number of industries and countries. Examples include travel and tourism, estate agents and realtors, recruitment, training, job boards and many more.


  The process was extremely fast and easy, and the editing features were all I had hoped for. The basic home page design of the site really hit the mark and worked for all the other pages as well. Made4Media were able to handle any request I had and took the time to explain technical procedures in a way that I could understand and implement.  
Vehicle Buyer /
  I am now very proud of the new site and love to ‘escort’ potential customers to certain pages when I am explaining things. As almost 100% of our business involves the website, it was important to make it simple to understand, easy to navigate and tasteful. Already, after only one ‘live’ week, we are getting very positive comments about the ‘quality’ of our products, greatly due to how they are presented on our beautiful website.  
Sheila Faulkner /
  I approached the Made4Media group has I wanted to rebrand my existing website and marketing material. They were able to present me with a number of designs and different branding ideas for my website and also for my company brochures and stationery. There content management system means I am able to make changes and update my website whenever required. I would not hesitate to recommend their services.  
Financial Consultant /