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Email Advertising Campaigns

After the initial launch of a newly developed website or infact anytime during the life cycle of an existing website a powerful tool to attract clients and customers is a well designed and well managed email marketing campaign. Made 4 Media will create a high impact and informative campaign which reflects your websites products and services, giving a high delivery success rate resulting in a cost effective method for your organisation to reach out to new or existing customers simultaneously in a matter of seconds.

Business and organisations all over the globe incorporate a structured email campaign into their marketing strategies due to the fact that there are numerous advantages apart from the ability to instantly reach its customers, some of these being: detailed reporting on which sections or individual links on your advert are most success, delivery information and statistics on the numbers of adverts being not only opened by also read, the viral factor as the customer has the ability to send the advert easily to colleagues and friends.

Made 4 Media will manage the entire process from information gathering to advert creation with the client to delivering via our preferred partners to reporting back to you as the client the success ratio of your advert and recommendations on how the advert might be improved. Made 4 Media can also manage your client and databases and lists.

All email marketing campaigns created and managed by Made 4 Media always abide by anti-spam regulations and marketing laws.

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