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Paypal Integration

Accepting payments on your website is one of the most powerful tools you can add to an E-Commerce website. Made 4 Media has implemented payment solutions for a wide range of clients including Real Estate and Property sites, Online Training companies and Recruitment websites.

Making the payment process highly secure and easy to follow is one of the main reasons Made 4 Media recommends using the PayPal platform. PayPal is a known and trusted name by online shoppers all over the world and with over 20 million accounts in the UK, over 140 million worldwide, you can see why it is one the global leaders in online payments.

No matter how small or how large your expected or current online revenue stream is there is no monthly charge for having a PayPal account and you can immediately start to accept payments from all the major credit cards worldwide. Made 4 Media can integrate one of the various payment solutions available from PayPal into your website allowing for direct reporting of payments made, failed, attempted and succeeded directly to your email account or to your accounts department.

Made 4 Media can also create online reporting packages on request.

Made 4 Media also integrate other payment methods on the clients requests as needed, these include Worldpay.