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Social Media Networks

Why is social media integration important?

Integrating your website with the Social Media networks is an important element of your online strategy. Due to the fact there is such a widespread usage of the social media networks and the viral nature that social media can create, your strategy for online marketing should include social media as in simple terms, if somebody likes you or your companies page on Facebook, you do not have just one new potential client but you are exposed to that persons entire network.

Made 4 Media can create custom pages for your company togther with images that can be used on these networks to higher your profile and present your company correctly.

Once your website is linked to the social media networks of choice, Made 4 Media can add additional functions such as "Like" and "Share" buttons for Facebook, links to your social network pages from your email signatures and setup your email marketing campaigns to include social media.

Made 4 Media can also provide an indepth knowledge and advice on integrating your social media network connections to your offline marketing strategies such as Print, TV or Radio advertising.