Made 4 Media Group internet technology consultants

Web Development

Our development process focuses on providing our clients with a fast loading, clean looking website that matches their needs and requirements.

We ensure the website allows the clients customers and or users to navigate smoothly and efficiently throughout the site,

giving them the highest level of user experience possible whether it be searching for information or purchasing online. Made 4 Media understands each visitor to a clients website should eventually leave satisfied.

Made 4 Media develop its clients websites using a combination of the latest technologies, platforms and frameworks some examples include ASP.NET 3.5 & 4.0, Dynamic HTML, CSS, MS SQL, XML, Ajax/jQuery.

Our development team will then cross browser check and test all development work to ensure the designed website works in the wide range of browser currently in the marketplace such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari, giving you as the client the confidence and assurance that all visitors will be seeing your online profile as they are expected to.

Our web developers are not only limited to internet visible websites but are also experienced in designing and developing corporate intranet sites.

Our experienced testers ensure that our customers sites function correctly.

And we also submit clients websites to a large number of search engines and PR portals.